Professional Drain Cleaning for Your Santa Cruz Business


As a business owner or manager in Santa Cruz, CA, you know how important your plumbing plays in your overall operation. Without a solid plumbing infrastructure, your place of business could be subject to many inconveniences and interruptions. When you need reliable commercial plumbing work in Santa Cruz, CA, trust Eco-Flow Plumbing to provide your desired service.

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Drains will build up soap residue, fats, oils, grease, and other debris over time. Without cleaning, drains can cause frequent clogging and stress on your business’s plumbing system. More importantly, a clogged drain presents a poor picture of your business to clients and associates—if you want to get your drains cleaned and taken care of, you’ll need a dependable and licensed plumber.

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Sometimes a video inspection is the only way to see the damage, as fixing problems deep in your system can require specialized equipment. Eco-Flow Plumbing has the equipment necessary to allow you to see the damage, even if it is underground. After we document the issue, we can discuss your options so that you can make the necessary decisions for your home.

Eco-Flow Plumbing is the best choice for Santa Cruz area business owners because we understand that our commercial clients need reliability.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are essential to a restaurant or cafeteria’s sewer and drainage system. By keeping grease from drains, you help keep your sewer line free of buildup and problems. Once a grease trap becomes full, it allows grease to enter the sewer system, creating a buildup that will eventually result in a clog.

Be wary of a service provider that dumps the grease from your grease trap—it needs to be emptied AND cleaned to work correctly. Many complexes and larger buildings may employ larger grease tanks rather than multiple smaller grease traps to service their properties. We can also pump out and dispose of the grease in your larger tank. The contents of your tanks should be pumped out and disposed of regularly, consistent with size, usage, and your city or town’s requirements.

We will track your cleaning schedule if you establish a preventive maintenance agreement with Eco-Flow.

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